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DELE A1 and DELE A2upgrade

The new DELE A1 y DELE A2


The DELE A1 and DELE A2 will be administered with the new format beginning with the first exam held in 2020.

Date of the first new DELE A1: April 2020.

Date of the first new DELE A2: February 2020.

Frequently asked questions -FAQs

1.- What features of the DELE A1 and DELE A2 are impacted by the changes?

The changes affect certain exercises, the duration of some tests and the marking scales for the written and oral expression and interaction tests.

The levels assessed and certified are the same: A1 and A2 as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) and specified in the Cervantes Institute’s syllabus. No changes have been made to exam registration, announcements, publication of marks or certification relative to the former DELE A1 and DELE A2 exams or the DELE system as a whole.

2.- If I’m a DELE examiner, do I need to take a course to be able to participate in the new DELE A1 and DELE A2 exams?

Since some oral test exercises have been changed and new marking scales have been introduced, previously accredited DELE A1 and DELE A2 examiners must take a brief, autonomous (no tutors or group activities) refresher course that will be provided by Cervantes centres cost-free.

Accreditation courses for examiners with contents adapted to the new DELE A1 and DELE A2 exams will be offered after the November 2019 exams.

3.- After what date will the DELE A1 and DELE A2 exams be administered with the new format?

The new exams will be administered in 2020. The new DELE A2 will be administered beginning in February and the new DELE A1 in April.

4.- How much will the new DELE A1 and DELE A2 cost?

Exam upgrades will entail no change in price, which will continue to be set further to the criteria in place for all DELE exams. As the price varies from country to country, candidates are advised to inquire at the centre where they plan to sit the exam.

5.- Where will the new DELE A1 and DELE A2 exams be offered?

All testing centres that offer the DELE A1 and DELE A2 will include the new exams as of 2020. A list of centres administering the exams of your choice and the respective dates can be found on the following link

6.- Are market materials specific to these exams currently available?

Publishers will adapt the manuals to prepare the DELE A1 and DELE A2 shortly. As soon as they are released, notice will be published on the following page:

7.- Have sample exams been published on the DELE website?

The exam specifications and sample exams for the DELE A1 and A2 can be found on link to microsite home page

After the November 2019 exams, when the existing format for the two exams will still be in place, the information on the DELE website ( be adapted to the new exams and new specifications, sample exams 0 and exam guides will be published to enable candidates to become familiar with and prepare the tests.

After the first exams are held (DELE A2 in February 2020 and DELE A1 in April 2020), the first tests administered, like all other DELE levels, will be accessible cost-free on:

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